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Visibility of the sales funnel

Way of Life has a complex customer journey where leads can join at any part of the journey. For the marketing team, it has been not easy to visualise the conversion rate of their leads and to estimate the ROI of their spending.

By using Snowflake to extract and transform their CRM data, and by using Tableau to visualise it, a clear sales funnel was created to show exactly how leads joined at different stages of the journey. This has helped the marketing team to identify the most effective lead sources for each location and to calculate their ROI.

Client: Way of Life
Benefit:  Understanding the customer journey, calculation of ROI
Platforms involved: Snowflake, Tableau

Managing Lack of Stock

Way of Life didn’t have stock available during high-demand periods. Leads entered their website and couldn’t see any units available.

This was the end of the customer journey for many leads. As a solution, a HubSpot form was embedded when the search results showed that no units were available to rent. The form captures the lead’s information and search preferences. Then the sales team receive a notification that a lead has been entered into the waiting list pipeline in the CRM. These leads are the first to be called when a unit becomes available and it has been showing good conversion rates. The implementation has included other automation such as filtering leads by budget and closing leads whose preferred move in date has passed. This has allowed the sales team to focus on the leads with a higher chance to convert. The solution has reduced the marketing cost as units are offered to the waiting list and sometimes have been let before being advertised.

Client: Way of Life
Benefit: Time savings, reduce advertising costs.
Platforms involved: Wagtail, HubSpot

Set up tenancies with one click

Setting up a tenancy was a time-consuming and inducing to human error task. It involved multiple people entering the same data in multiple systems.

With an API integration through multiple platforms, the information is entered and checked once in the first platform, and then is passed to the next stages with only one click. All the fields will be passed to the next platform, saving time and avoiding data entry errors. The integration has helped Way of Life to save 15 minutes per tenancy created and significantly reduced the amount of data errors on their system.

Client: Way of Life
Benefit: Time savings, reduce data entry errors
Platforms involved: Bespoke portal development, Rent Profile, Qube.

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